Standard Features


VoIP calling – Audio + Video

The most basic functionality of the 4Talk solution allows audio calling between clients (over IP) and to breakout to off-net destinations.  A sophisticated dial-plan engine allows multiple call plans to be defined for every eventuality – allowing the customer to transfer existing fixed-line call plans to the 4Talk platform.

But when audio is not enough, 4Talk enables video calling between clients for a true value add to your services.

Utilising special low-bandwidth CODECs optimized for convergence solutions, the 4Talk solution provides a solution with the highest possible quality to the end-user.


With social networks becoming increasing the norm, end-users more and more expect to be able to see the status of their contacts.  Utilizing standard messaging protocols, 4Talk enables end-users to see the online status of their contacts.  Integrated directly into the contacts list, users can identify whether other contacts in their address book are 4Talk enabled and what their online status is.

This feature allows users to quickly identify whether direct IP<->IP calls (including video calls) are possible without having to leave the standard contact list screen.


Today’s modern smartphone user demands more communications channels than just video and voice calls. The 4Talk solution includes a comprehensive messaging feature set including:

  • Standard message sending
  • Threaded discussions
  • Emoticon support
  • Picture and file sharing
  • Deep integration with the native OS

Multi-device client

Unified communications is now expected and the need to support the maximum number of end-users possible in order to maximize your investment is recognised by Mondial Telecom. That’s why we have developed clients for both tablet and smartphone, iOS and Android. With constant analysis of the market, we continue to add new clients and update existing clients on a regular basis. We ensure that your end-users continue to benefit from a client that keeps up with current technology.

Voice Quality Indicator

We believe that it’s important for a user to know the quality of a call before it’s made. That’s why we don’t simply rely on the handset OS to report the quality of the network. With advanced network quality measuring tools, the 4Talk client can accurately report to the end-user the current network quality and whether the network is good enough to support an IP call.

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