Additional Features


SIP Termination

Not all customers have or want to use their own termination. Mondial Telecom partners with call termination providers throughout the world in order to provide the best possible quality/price combination for the target market. We constantly analyse our partner selection in order to maintain the best possible call termination for our customers.
Of course, should our customers want to use existing termination then we are happy to add further partners to our ever expanding list of supported termination providers.
Mondial Telecom also partners with hardware vendors in order to provide SIP termination where only traditional physical connectivity is available.

IP/GSM Handover

IP networks are not always guaranteed and losing a call when the IP network fails is a constant frustration. That’s why Mondial Telecom developed a unique “handover” feature that allows a call to be re-established when the IP network fails. This process only involves re-establishment of the caller leg and therefore offers a seamless experience for the callee.

Real-time billing

The 4Talk solution contains a flexible billing engine capable of in-call credit top-up. 4Talks powerful call plan engine provides all the flexibility you need for defining the dial plan that fulfils your business requirements. Create plans that match your current plans or create new and unique plans for your IP calls.

SMS over IP

With messaging as popular as ever, why not converge your SMS channel as well? Allow customers to send messages to other 4Talk users via IP or breakout to SMS if the destination is not on-net – all transparent to the end-user.

Integrated provisioning

You already have a portal to support your customer? Already have single sign on? Integrate 4Talk with your existing infrastructure to provide your end-user with a seamless, integrated experience.
Need a complex provisioning process involving SMS confirmation, SSO, terms and conditions or all of the above? With 4Talks powerful provisioning API we can meet any requirement.

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