Fixed – Mobile Over The TOP (OTT) managed services


4Talk4OTT is a fixed mobile complete solution for Telecom Operators.

4Talk lets Operators increase their bundle value and customer loyalty by “mobilising” fixed lines (or integrating mobile and fixed lines) into branded apps for smartphones and tablets.

4Talk is a combination of smart apps and an intelligent IP Core Network that can be integrated in a Telecom Operators network or deployed directly through Mondial Telecom’s cloud.

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Standard features:
  • VoIP calling – audio + video
  • Presencing
  • Messaging
  • Multi-device client
  • Voice Quality Indicator
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Additional features:
  • SIP termination
  • IP/GSM call handover
  • Real-time billing
  • SMS over IP
  • Integrated provisioning
  • One number identification
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4Talk components

  • 4Talk App:
    Intellegent VoIP app for Smartphones and Tablets
  • 4Talk Core Network:
    Carrier grade complete IP Telephony solution
  • 4Talk Cloud (optional):
    Fully hosted IP Telephony solution with Worldwide calling
    IP Telephony as a Service

Use cases

  • Mobilise land line lines and combine fix and mobile offerings
  • Fixed line Operators are bringing extra value to their bundles and increase Customer Loyalty through 4Talk apps
  • MVNOs use mobile VoIP to save on cost and increase customer value by adding Wifi calls into their traffic plans
  • Improve and extend coverage in areas where Wifi is present
  • Low cost and rapid entry into Mobile Services in new markets