Fixed mobile convergence as a service

4Talk4FMC is a managed service by Mondial Telecom that delivers Fixed and Mobile Convergence (FMC) to MNOs, MVNOs and Integrators. At Mondial Telecom we have the rare in-house technical expertise to set up, configure and manage FMC infrastructure for our customers. For smaller customers, we can offer IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) for FMC and act as your fixed mobile telephony enabler.

Why 4Talk4FMC?
  • In-house FMC/SS7 experts
    Our team works together with you to help you design, deploy and operate your specific FMC solution.
  • Full Opex or Hybrid Capex/Opex models
    With its Infrastructure as a service offering, Mondial Telecom is able to provide its customers with flexible and cost effective services.
  • 24/7 eyes on screen monitoring
    Mondial Telecom’s Network Operations Center has been designed to serve carriers with mission critical instances running around the clock.
4Talk4FMC key features:
  • Manage routing features for individual mobile numbers. For example :
    • Time of day conditional incoming calls routing : users are free to forward calls on selected devices depending on the time of day, facilitating work-life balance outside working hours.
    • Dual/Multi-routing (ring both IP as well as mobile) : users can choose between sequential and parallel ringing across devices.
  • Smart call recording
    • Systematic or dynamic (start/stop) call recording (Through API) on all calls
  • Advanced call control through 4Talk4FMC APIs (Web-hooks)
    We give you the tools to decide where and how to manage calls on an individual call by call basis, without extensive knowledge of voice signalling protocols. For example : playing messages, call recording, transferring calls, diverting calls,...


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Is 4talk4FMC right for you ? Yes if…

  • you are an MVNO and want to offer OTT/SIP routing without SS7/IMS infrastructure.
  • you are a MVNO and want to get full control over your mobile calls.
  • you are an MNO and want to offer SIP trunking on your SS7 network.
  • you are an integrator and want to offer mobile integration to 3rd party solutions like hosted PBX, Microsoft Lync, etc.
  • you are any of the above and want to offer full mobile call recording.