Key features for your customers

Control your office phone from your smartphone :

Through a smart and simple mobile interface, users can update their own settings on the go (e.g. call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, etc.)

Mobilise your office phone :

Increase your reachability by using your office phone when on Wifi and 3G/4G, even when abroad.

Let your customers take advantage of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device):

4Talk4Business is available for most smartphones on Android and iOS . (Windows Phone coming soon)


4Talk4Business is available stand alone on smartphones only or in combination with SIP based desk phones.

Cost savings on telephony:

Take advantage of IP to IP free calls when on the go or abroad.

Call encryption:

All VoIP calls are fully encrypted both signalling as media.

HD Voice Quality:

4Talk4Business uses HD voice to provide crystal clear audio during calls.

For more information on Additional Features, feel free to contact us.